I moved from NY to South West Fl in August, 2014. I had a thriving piano tuning and repair business in Eastern Suffolk County, Long Island, for thirty years. I was living about 15 miles west of the Hamptons and found myself frequently doing concert tunings for the rich and famous. I had the privilege of meeting many great musicians and was always able to please even the most demanding ones!

I tune strictly by ear, which I feel is the best way to get the ideal temperament from a piano. Every piano is different and has a unique sound, therefore, it’s virtually impossible to tune a piano mathematically.

I was a registered member of the Piano Technicians Guild and passed a series of tests including theory, repairs, and a master tuning test.

I’ve also installed many player piano kits, converting standard grand and upright pianos into player pianos, as well as extensive experience regulating, repairing and rebuilding pianos.

I was the technician for Middle Country School District with over 60 pianos to keep in tune and good working order including special tunings for all the concerts.




  1. Eddie

    Highly recommend, I have been using Roy as my piano technician for years in NY, sad to see him go, may need to relocate to Florida lol.


  2. Kevin Eckert Jr.

    I just have to say, if you own & enjoy playing the piano. You can’t make a better choice then to have Roy Ratigan Sr. Sevice & tune your piano. I have to say that Roy is one of the last few who still tune pianos by ear using the tuning forks, & takes great in being able to do so!! There for if you want heavenly music from your piano please call Roy Ratigan Sr., & let him show you what you’ve been missing, when it comes to your piano.



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