First and foremost I’m a musician. I started playing guitar in 1964 and never quit. I love all kinds of guitar music from classical to rock and blues. My biggest influence in my early days was Eric Clapton and he still is today. He is an amazing musician and has had a long career with many musical styles along the way. Classical guitar was my next endeavor with Andres Segovia being my biggest influence. I love to finger pick and have a Martin and a Breedlove. I really enjoy playing Scott Joplins rags transcribed for the guitar. I can sight read almost anything, thanks to my father. My father recognized I had musical abilities and started me with guitar lessons at an early age. I studied guitar with a jazz guitarist, and learned to read music from him, along with extensive ear training. Piano was always my favorite instrument, but my Father never could afford one. It was my priority to get one and shortly after I graduated High School I saved my money and bought one. It needed a lot of work and I didn’t have the money to fix it, so I had to learn how to fix it myself. This started my journey to becoming a piano technician. I became an apprentice to a piano tuner and learned the right way to tune, by ear. I found this even more difficult and had to spend long hours practising tuning. Finally, after many years of tuning it became second nature and my tunings got better and better. I love playing on a freshly tuned piano, it sounds brand new! I’ve taught myself to play piano mostly by ear. I can read some piano music, but I find classical on the piano extremely difficult! I’m sure it’s because I started piano when I was in my early twenties. I believe in order to play classical piano you must start very young and learn the right way!

             MY FIRST PIANO


             GUITAR AT THE BEACH 



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